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Migration between Mexico and the US, Risk for Drug Abuse and Current Prevention and Treatment Strategies
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Migration and Health: Mexican Immigrant Women in the U.S.

Discusses the disparities in health care of Mexican immigrant women in the US compared to women of other nationalities as well as women born in the U.S.

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The Advisory Council Role in the Institute of Mexicans Abroad

EMI is a Mexican State institutions created to establish a connection between Mexican immigrants in the states and governmental officials in Mexico. The goal is to create a flow of communication between both groups and initiated several actions to secure the welfare of Mexican communities living in North America. To achieve this goal programs and services have been initiated in the areas of education, health, remittances, culture, and professionalism in advocating for communities abroad.

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Work-related injuries among immigrants: a growing global health disparity
By Marc Schenker Occup Environ Med (2008)

Both fatal and non-fatal occupational injuries and illnesses are higher among immigrant workers.  The four occupations employing the greatest percentage of Hispanic workers in the USA are agriculture, construction, transportation and housekeeping, the first three of which consistently show the highest rates of occupational fatalities.

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Report on the well-being of children of Mexican immigrants in the USA.

This report is the product of a binational collaboration between the National Population Council of Mexico and the University of California

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